What our patients are saying

Asthma- S.F.

 "My 13-year-old son suffers from seasonal allergies that trigger asthma since he was a baby. Usually once the asthma is triggered it takes steroids and many days of nebulizer treatments to get his breathing under control. While on vacation in New York, my son had some breathing concerns. We were hours from home and unable to go to his primary care doctor. Someone mentioned the benefits of Acupuncture and we decided to try it out. My son was a bit scared of needles, yet the acupuncturist was caring, informative, knowledgeable and very patient with him. He even took the time to explain what he was doing and how the treatment would help my son. The acupuncturist helped my son relax and gave me peace of mind. With one short treatment I saw a significant change in my son’s breathing. His breathing was no longer restricted, and he slept much better and was able to breathe more deeply. The restrictions that tend to cause my son chest and stomach pains only continued to get better over the next few days. After that treatment, my son did not have to use his inhaler during our entire trip. Thank you, Mordechai Genut at New City Wellness Center for your expertise and care!"

Back pain- J.K.

 "As a medical doctor, I can assure you that Mordechai is a highly professional, skilled, and knowledgeable acupuncturist. I've been suffering with back pain for a few weeks and decided to give acupuncture a try. After just one session with Mordechai, my back pain improved significantly. He treated me with acupuncture, massage, and cupping. I highly recommend that if you suffer from back pain to give Mordechai at New City Wellness Center a call and let the treatment speak for itself. You won't be disappointed."

Stiff back- D.R.

 "As another local acupuncturist in Rockland County, when I need a tune up, I go to New City Wellness Center. Great technique. I walk in with a stiff back and walk out feeling great." Highly Recommended. Kudos Dr. Genut." 

Sciatica pain- M.F.

 "I came to Mordechai a year ago with neck and shoulder pain. Never been to an acupuncturist before, it was an amazing experience. He was very detailed and helpful. Always explaining what he was doing and answering all my questions. I came back recently for sciatica pain and again the same amazing experience. I am walking around feeling amazing! I would advise anyone that's interested in acupuncture to go see Mordechai, you will feel amazing after each session." 

Insomnia & stomach pain- A.R.

  "I was suffering from insomnia and severe stomach pains that prevented me from functioning normally. The night after my first treatment with Mordechai, I slept through the night and my stomach felt much better. I actually felt as if I was floating during my first treatment. It was a great feeling. I began receiving weekly treatments and my sleep improved, and my stomach pains began to diminish. I continued with the treatments for about 10 months, and my sleep is now great and my stomach is also much better as long as I eat right."           

Pain & relaxation- E.S.

 "Before I started Acupuncture, I had terrible back ache. I had pain on and off in my left calf, and I felt tired all the time. However once I started treatment. I began to feel less drowsy. I felt relaxed and Acupuncture helped with pain management for my back and my calf. After a few sessions I felt better, and I had more energy. I love acupuncture because it is very relaxing. Most of the time I just close my eyes and dose off.  Mordechai was great by listening to me about how I was feeling, and he was very good at explaining all about acupuncture. He takes confidentiality as a priority. He is also very flexible by making it his business to fit in acupuncture with your daily schedule that will not interfere with any other obligations that you may have. I enjoy acupuncture because it helps me feel better, and energized. After getting acupuncture I am able to continue a daily routine without interruption. I highly recommend acupuncture for pain management and relaxation. Try it once and you will keep wanting more of it, and Mordechai knows what he is doing. I feel very comfortable with him, and he is there every step of the way from the beginning to where I am now with no pain at all I just go to get relaxed without going to the spa."     

Migraine headaches- Y.D.

 "I've been suffering from migraines my whole life and one acupuncture session with Mordechai changed my life. My migraines have almost disappeared -and that's only with one session! I never imagined that my life would be 'migraine free' but now I believe it is possible. Miraculous! Thank you Mordechai".   

Stress & fatigue- A.S.

 "After an extremely stressful year, being run down by drowning in too many responsibilities my body became extremely weak. Mordechai's acupuncture treatments cured my serious condition when no conventional doctor could find the source of the paralyzed feeling on the whole right side of my body.

      It was almost magical how after the first treatment I felt 20% better, and after every additional treatment I got stronger and stronger. Even as a regular yogi, acupuncture helped me when yoga practice was not a strong enough support. I don't know where I would be today if not for the expertise Mordechai offered me in both acupuncture treatments as well as in prescribing Chinese herbs to boost my body. I have much confidence that New City Wellness Center can serve as a support for you as well. Cheers to good health!" 

Back pain & fatigue- B.A.

  "I was continuously suffering from low back pain and fatigue, it was difficult to focus at work and go about my daily routine. I decided to give acupuncture a try as I’ve heard many good things about its benefits. I had a consultation and a pleasant experience throughout my treatment. After the first session my pain was diminished by at least 75%, I was able to maintain an upright posture and have an increase in my energy. Thank you Mordechai for helping me get back to my daily life in an optimal way…" 

Fatigue & poor concentration- Y.F.

 "For the past three and a half years I’ve suffered from chronic fatigue and very poor concentration. It had gotten so bad I had to stop driving and couldn’t focus when speaking to my kids. I ran around to doctors and specialists and took dozens of medicines, pills and vitamins. After the first session with Mordechai, I felt better immediately! After working with Mordechai with acupuncture, relaxation and breathing methods, my energy level highly increased and my concentration and focus improved. Thank you Mordechai for giving my kids their father back!" 

Sleeping difficulty- E.W.

  "I was in disbelieve that after only one session with Mordechai I slept through the night! I hadn't slept so well in years. He also helped me with controlling my food cravings and overall relaxation, which has always been a struggle for me. Mordechai is a very qualified compassionate professional, and really tunes into your needs. Thanks tons."